Mira Kapoor Opens Up About The Time Shahid Moved Out Of Their Juhu House

Sukriti Gumber
Mira and Shahid Kapoor
Mira and Shahid Kapoor

Mira and Shahid Kapoor are undoubtedly one of the sweetest couples in Bollywood. They complement each other really well and it’s delightful to see them together – specially with their adorable baby girl – Misha. Recently, the two were guests on BFFs With Vogue on Colors Infinity, where Mira revealed an incident when she was torn between being a mother and a wife.

While shooting for Padmaavat, Shahid would be away from home all night and come back home in the morning – precisely the time when Misha is in full power. As a result, Mira would be in a spot. She said:

He would come home at 8 in the morning and wake up at 2 in the afternoon. I completely get that he needs silence during those hours because it has been a tough night, but Misha is at her best at that point – wide awake and playful. Shahid wouldn’t say anything but I know it’s going to tire him and I know I can’t put too many restrictions on her either. That was getting to me at a point… and that’s when I told him that I can’t take this anymore.

In order to prevent his wife from being in a difficult situation, Shahid moved to a 5-star hotel in Goregaon which was also closer to the sets of Padmaavat. Awww! Problem = Solved. #HusbandGoals!

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