Jacqueline Fernandez recreated Madhuri Dixit‘s iconic song Ek Do Teen for Baaghi 2 but this remake was met with a lot of criticism online. It was a difficult task anyway as Ek Do Teen is regarded as one of the best choreographed and performed number in Bollywood and people didn’t react too well with a ‘remix’ which in their opinion was not on par with the original.

Here are some reactions on Twitter –

But, in all of this, Jacqueline has found an admirer in the form of Salman Khan. The superstar took to Twitter to defend his Race 3 co-star, saying that it is difficult to match Madhuri Dixit

On the other hand, the director of Tezab, N Chandra was pretty angry with Ek Do Teen 2.0, here’s what he had to say-

I can’t believe they’ve done this to ‘Ek Do Teen’. It’s crass beyond imagination. And Jacqueline Fernandez doing Madhuri Dixit’s number? Give me a break! It’s like turning the Central Park into a botanical garden. Madhuri danced with such grace and innocence.

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