10 Words You Probably Didn't Know Existed In The English Language

Atmaj Vyas , 23 Mar 2018
Words (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Words (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

The English language is truly a funny one. While it is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, it can also be a rather complicated one. And it’s not just the grammar and pronunciation, but also in some cases, the words that can be rather confusing. We would all like to believe that we have a pretty good grasp of the language. But, do we truly know all the words? Here are 10 such words that will put your knowledge to the test.

1. Kerfuffle

The word, which has been around since the 1800s is traced back to Scottish or Celtic roots. It means ‘to create a fuss or a bother that results in there being a lot of noise’.

Sentence: What’s all the yelling for? Why are you making such a kerfuffle?

2. Ragamuffin

At some point, we’ve all heard the word ‘rag’ before, right? This word that traces its origins back to the Middle Ages, is a take on that. The definition of the word ragamuffin is ‘ a person who usually wears dirty or scruffy clothes’. The clothes look exactly like rags. Alternately, it could also be used to define scruffy-looking animals.

Sentence: What happened to you? Why do you look like such a ragamuffin?

3. Whippersnapper

While this term is barely used in the modern day, it’s still a really fun word to use (if you’re into that kinda thing). Over the years the definition of this word has evolved. In the past, it was used to refer to someone who was lazy and had no ambitions. Now, it actually refers to a person who is overconfident and rather cheeky.

Sentence: Well, aren’t you a little whippersnapper!

4. Gobbledygook

We know! Sounds pretty weird right? Believe it or not, this word was actually created from the sound that turkeys make. The word is commonly used to refer to words that don’t make sense. It also refers to people who use too many technical words, which the other person can’t understand.

Sentence: He kept talking about something the whole time. To me, it was a load of gobbledygook!

5. Poppycock

Before you burst out into laughter or set your mind down a dirt road, stop. It doesn’t mean any of that. The word actually finds its origins all the way back to the 1800s and is derived from the Dutch word ‘pappekak‘. It’s used to refer to someone who talks utter nonsense. It’s when a person thinks what they are saying is true but in reality, it’s not true but they still think they are right. Think of it as the older version of bulls**t.

Sentence:  You do know that everything you’re saying is just a load of poppycock right?

6. Discombobulate

This word is the exactly what you might be feeling right now, confused? Well, that’s exactly what this word means. The word literally means ‘to confuse’.

Sentence: You look rather discombobulated by all this information. Need a minute?

7. Curmudgeon

This word is commonly used to denote someone who is grumpy or rather bad-tempered. So the next time you come across your grumpy friend, use this word.

Sentence: I really don’t like Steve… he’s a real curmudgeon!

8. Lackadaisical

Looking for a new word that can help you call someone lazy and unenthusiastic? Well, you’ve found just the word! While the origins of the word aren’t clear, it’s been around since the 1700′.

Sentence:  You can’t be so lackadaisical about your life. Do something and change it around!

9. Lollygag

Anyone who loves procrastination should familiarise themselves with this word because it’s literally what they do. It means to be idle, lazy or waste time. While you can still hear the word every now and then, it’s something that’s very common.

Sentence: Please could you stop lollygagging and focus?

10. Cacophony

Ever had a moment where you hear the worst possible sounds, all at once? That would be considered a cacophony. It is when a mixture of horrible sounds all come together.

Sentence: Every morning, I’m bombarded with a cacophony of noises! The alarm, the gardener, the maid, everyone unites to spoil my sleep.

What do you think about these words and did you know all of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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