15 Types Of People You'd Probably Encounter On A Flight

Karishma Govil , 23 Mar 2018
Flight (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Flight (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Planned a fun vacation to another city? Well, of course you’re all packed up and excited about your destination. But have you thought about the flight to this place? The long journey with the weirdest people ever? Yep, we know how it is. We’ve been there and we’re not a fan, TBH. Apart from the people you’d witness at the airport, here are some people you may come across in a flight.

1. The Overfriendly One

This person just doesn’t stop talking. They try to constantly strike a conversation with you. And they just don’t get the hint. They ask you where you’re from, what you do, etc. Ugh!

2. The Crying Baby

There’s always one in every flight. This poor child is in pain, and there’s nothing the parents can do but get embarrassed and face all the angry passengers staring at them in disgust.

3. The Honeymooners

They’ve recently gotten married. They’re either on their honeymoon, or just on a vacation. But that annoying PDA is the last thing you want to see. Seriously guys, get a room!

4. The First-Timers

This is their first flight experience ever. They don’t know how it all works. They’re so confused and wonder what they’re supposed to do. So they’re forced to ask too many questions. We pitty the passenger sitting next to them.

5. The Creep

This person keeps staring. All the time. They keep trying to come close to you and sometimes even have the audacity to try and talk to you.

6. The Businessman

The one who’s on a business trip. Totally suited up with a briefcase and a laptop. This person is working even in flight.

7. The Holiday Group

The entire gang is loud and noisy. They’re so many of them and they’re super excited about their holiday together. They constantly laugh loudly and crack annoying inside jokes.

8. The Latecomer

The one whose name is announced by the crew because they’re late for their flight. As soon as they enter, everyone gives them a death stare.

9. The Selfie-Obsessed

This person is obsessed with taking pictures in the airplane. From what they’re eating to unlimited selfies, all you can hear is the clicking sound from their phone camera. They’re also the ones who are overdressed for the flight. Really, where are the going?

10. The Man-Child

This one calls the air hostess every five minutes with a new request. It could be a glass of water, a blanket, something to eat or just some peanuts. So annoying!

11. The Hogger

The one who orders everything on the menu. They are the kind of people that don’t eat before the flight so that they can hog all through the journey.

12. The One Who Is Perpetually Airsick

This person is a weakling. You can hear a constant barf from their side of the flight. Poor things.

13. The Super Fake Flight Attendant

She really doesn’t give a damn about you. You can totally tell. Even though they try to cover it up with a fake smile, you just know that once she turns, she’ll be rolling her eyes.

14. The Sleepyhead

This annoying person takes their seat all the way to the back. If you’re unfortunately sitting right behind them, they’ll do this just when you’ve arranged your hot coffee and food on the tray.

15. The Frequent Lavatory Visitor

This person has the bladder of a 6 year old. They’re constantly getting up to use the washroom. If they’re sitting by the window, and you’re in the isle seat, we feel really bad for you. Honest!

We’re pretty sure you may have encountered at least one such person on a flight. You’ll be a lot more prepared now that we’ve given you a heads-up. Bon voyage!

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