10 Of The Worst Inventions That Prove Not All Ideas, Are Good Ideas

Atmaj Vyas , 27 Mar 2018

Everyone thinks of ways to solve their problems. We dream of inventing something so cool, everyone will want one. Usually, these inventions are aimed at making everyday tasks easier and quicker to complete. However, sometimes, people invent things that are so random and out there that there is literally no practical purpose to it. It’s so whacky that we can’t quite wrap our heads around it. So, here are 10 such inventions:

1. Mousetrap Pistol

The invention is pretty straightforward. It’s a mouse a mouse trap with a .50-loaded-calibre at the other end. What could possibly go wrong? If you’ve worked with a mouse trap before, you know how tricky they can be. Imagine walking in your sleep and accidentally stepping on the trap… boom. For obvious reasons, this invention never really picked up.

2. Group Shaving Machine

A machine that could shave a dozen men, all at once! Sounds like the most convenient thing right? Sadly though, the machine couldn’t adjust to various face sizes and only had one fixed setting. Other than that, could you imagine what a malfunction would result in? Add in the fact that there is something really menacing about a machine swinging a blade at your face, no less, and you get the reason why it didn’t take off.

3. A Stylus For The Nose


Ever wished you could use your phone without having to use both hands? Well, to solve that problem, an inventor decided to make a stylus that you shove up your nose. This “helped” you keep your hands free for other tasks and you could use your phone with the stylus that you had in your nose. Let that sink in.

4. Chain-Smoking Device

Ever dreamt of being able to smoke a whole packet of cigarettes? A long time back, there was a device that allowed you to do just that. It was like a gigantic pipe that had small little spots for you to place as many cigarettes (up to a full packet) as you wanted. Talk about free lung cancer…

5. Anti-Eating Mask

Taking a diet to a whole new level, you have the anti-eating mask. It is literally what it sounds like. It’s almost like a muzzle for humans and prevents them from being able to eat. The only plus side we could possibly think of was that it would help you look like Bane from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

6. The Parachute Jacket

Wouldn’t it be cool if our jackets had an inbuilt parachute? We could all live out our Grand Theft Auto fantasies! Back in the day, one tailor decided to make a parachute jacket. However, it wasn’t from the same materials that modern-day parachutes are made from. The inventor was so confident about his innovation that he decided to jump off the Eiffel Tower. As you can expect, it didn’t end so well.

7. Phone Fingers

Don’t like all the fingerprints on your phone? Introducing phone fingers! Honestly though, how much of a clean freak do you have to be, that you literally need to wear latex finger gloves and use your phone? There are some inventions that just make you shake your head in disbelief.

8. Pop-Up Ads

Literally the bane of every internet users life. This is pretty much up there on the list of worst inventions simply because of how annoying they are. Even though there are various apps that allow you to prevent pop-ups, these sneaky little things still manage to find their way onto your home screen and piss you off.

9. Smell-O-Vision

Ever been at the movies and wondered what the scene playing would smell like? Neither did we. However, a machine was created which was called the Smell-O-Vision which allowed moviegoers to smell exactly what was going on. It released various odours that matched the scene that would appear on the screen. That sounds like a really bad idea for anyone watching a slasher flick!

10. Tomatan

It’s a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes. What more do you want? This Japanese invention sits pretty on your shoulders and feeds tomatoes directly to your mouth as you run. We can’t possibly imagine anything going wrong with that *eye roll*.

Do you know of any weird or horrible inventions? Let us know in the comments below.

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