Last week, we were treated to a rare occasion. After two decades, the Olive Ridley Turtles returned to Versova beach in Mumbai. This was possible because of the massive beach clean up that was undertaken by the residents of the area. If something as simple as a beach clean up can have such a huge impact, then imagine the possibilities if we all united and started taking care of the environment. One such way we can participate and do our part is by recycling and encouraging others to do the same. While it may seem insignificant, it is one small step in the right direction. Here is why we think that recycling should become mandatory.

1. Helps Control Carbon Emissions

Recycling helps reduce carbon emissions which are also known as greenhouse gasses. Most commonly, garbage that is not recycled tends to be burnt. This, in turn, releases dangerous greenhouse gasses and are also a major contributor to the global warming crisis.

2. Helps Protect The Limited Supply Of Natural Resources

Given the current state of India and even the world, there is a lot of pressure being exerted on natural resources which are depleting quickly. Recycling helps preserve natural resources such as water and trees which in turn helps reduce the rapid depletion of such resources. The Statistics provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency show that recycling one ton of paper saves up about 17 trees as well as 17,000 gallons of water.

3. Helps Reduce The Trash Collected At Landfills

The rate at which we consume and dispose of things has increased at an alarming rate. Landfills are overflowing and there is not enough space remaining for waste disposal. Coastal cities have been polluting the waters for many years now due to the lack of space. The shocking part is that close to about 75% of the waste that is disposed of, is actually recyclable. So if everyone played their part and began to recycle, we could potentially make a huge change.

4. Can Help Create More Jobs

Recycling can form a whole new industry in India if given the chance. Currently, trash pickers sort through garbage, at the risk of their own health and pick up plastics and papers. They then exchange these for barely any compensation. The standards of recycling are very low. However, if each of us did our part, it would lead to more employment opportunities and also a better standard of living for many people. Statistically, recycling creates 10 times more employment opportunities than landfill waste management.

5. Wildlife Conservation

Increased use of recycled products can help put a break to the exploitation of natural resources like forests, rivers and oceans, which are natural habitats for wildlife. This will go a long way and hopefully, we can protect what we have left.

People need to change their mentality and attitudes towards such things. Change can literally begin with one person. So take the initiative because in the long run, if we don’t come together to sort this very prevalent problem, we will be in a very dangerous situation.

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