Shera Opens Up About Being Salman Khan's Trusted Bodyguard Since 20 Years

Sukriti Gumber , 27 Mar 2018
Salman Khan with Shera

Salman Khan‘s popularity in our country is unquestionable – he has an army of fans who share “Salmandom” in common and are crazy for him. With such stardom, it’s no surprise that people surrounding him bask in reflected fame. And we aren’t just talking about his parents, siblings or girlfriends. His bodyguard, Shera is also a star in his own right.

The man has been Sallu’s left hand for more than 2 decades now and their bond has only strengthened with time. The superstar even dedicated his 2011 film, Bodyguard to Shera, who now has his own agency, Tiger Security Services. It provides security to high profile International clients & recently won the award for Best Security Agency in Asia in Malaysia.

Despite being successful in this field, Shera has never left Salman’s side and neither does he plan to do it in future. Speaking to HT, he said:

Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga (I’ll accompany him till my last breath). I always tell people that they will never see me standing behind or next to bhai. I will be standing in front of him, looking out for any threat.

He has happily shielded the actor from large and often uncontrollable crowds without any fear and said that if there would have been any fear, he wouldn’t have taken up this profession. What about Salman’s crazy female fans? How does he handle them?

With love and respect. That is the only way to take of the ladies.

Aww! Shera’s loyalty and devotion towards Salman is rather admirable.

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