Photo: Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber And Their 3 Kids Make For The Cutest Family Ever!

Pallavi Manoj , 28 Mar 2018

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber welcomed beautiful baby boys, Noah Sigh Weber and Asher Singh Weber earlier this month adding to their family of three and it is the cutest thing ever! The proud parents opted for surrogacy and broke the happy news on social media, giving us mere mortals all sorts of #FamilyGoals.

Sunny had the sweetest thing to say about being a new mommy-

“We’ve been wanting to have kids for long and now, we are one big happy family. Our life has changed for the better. This is like the biggest hit story of our lives.”

She even spoke about how she was blessed with her now-family-of-five within 8 months and how she couldn’t be happier about it.

“We had been planning it for many years, but were waiting for the right time. We found out about our three children on the same day – we got an official confirmation letter of Nisha’s adoption on June 21, the same day that we were doing the IVF transfer of the boys. It was like God has planned something special for us. In eight months, we had three kids.”

Well, you know what they say… the stars aligned, the time was right and you’ve got three beautiful babies. Sunny also went on to say she and Daniel make sure to spend some alone time with Nisha so that she does not feel left out. And the cutie is absolutely fine and completely behaves like an elder sister when it comes to her brothers too! How adorable is that?

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