Farhan Akhtar is the latest celebrity to join the gang of famous people deleting their Facebook accounts after Elon Musk, Jim Carrey, and Cher. While he hasn’t mentioned the reason for why he quit the social media platform, he tweeted out the news himself, informing all his followers he was deleting his Facebook account but his verified FarhanAkhtarLive page is still active.

Here’s the tweet:

With his action coming right after business and science mogul, Elon Musk deleting SpaceX and Tesla pages amidst Facebook’s privacy concern controversy; it’s safe to say that he’s probably the first Indian celebrity to join in on the #DeleteFacebook movement to protest the data breaches on the website.

A month ago, Hollywood actor Jim Carrey joined in on the movement by deleting his Facebook profile and took to Twitter to call out Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg asking his followers who they were sharing their life with. Check it out-

The Facebook controversy is nowhere near an end and celebrities seem to be adding fuel to the fire. While more and more Hollywood celebrities have been joining in on the movement, Farhan is the first one to do it from our side. Who do you think will be next?