Over the years, the craze for superhero movies has skyrocketed. Fans of all ages love watching their favourite comic book characters come to life on the big screen. Whether you’re a Marvel fan or a DC fan, it’s impossible to deny how far it’s all come. From the graphics to the storylines, everything about these superhero movies draws you in. With some of the best actors in the industry portraying some of our most beloved superheroes, it’s guaranteed to only get bigger and better. That being said, there are many more comic book characters who we think should get their time on the big screen too! Here are a few names that desperately need to get a solo movie.

1. Black Widow

At this point, it’s actually surprising that we don’t have any news or confirmation about a Black Widow solo feature. The character that was brought to life by the extremely talented Scarlett Johansson, is more than deserving more than just a side role.  While the character doesn’t have the most extensive history as a solo character in comics, Johansson’s super-spy has been a consistently engaging part of the MCU since her debut in Iron Man 2. She is no longer what you could consider a B-list character and it’s high time we get a movie for her!

2. Storm

While we are getting a Jean Grey movie in the form of the Dark Phoenix, another X-Men member is equally deserving of a solo movie. That member being none other than Storm! While she has been a steady support throughout all the X-Men movies, she is just as strong a character in the comic-book world and that alone should be enough to warrant a movie. We got a peek into her origins through X-Men: Apocalypse, however, there wasn’t enough of her! Storm undoubtedly has one of the most intensive and interesting storylines and it’s high time studios realise her potential and any comic book fan could attest to that.

3. Green Lantern

Sure, the first one with Ryan Reynolds was a total disaster. But think about this, if the movie didn’t bomb so bad, we would have never got Deadpool! So it’s kinda like a win-win situation. That being said, there absolutely needs to be a Green Lantern movie. With so many stories that could be translated into ideal summer blockbusters, the Green Lantern franchise represents one of DC’s greatest untapped resources. Given its universe-spanning scope, there’s really no limit to the galactic heights the Green Lantern franchise could reach on film.

4. Zatanna

In 2016, we were treated to Doctor Strange and with that, Marvel began to establish the supernatural side of the MCU on a fairly serious note. If DC wanted to tap into that side of the market and they totally should, a solo Zatanna movie would be the perfect place to start. She offers a more accessible introduction into the whole magical side that exists in the DC Extended Universe. Other than the fact that she has been an occasional member of the Justice League, she is also the childhood friend of Batman and has been one of the most visible magic users from the DC camp for decades. Maybe it’s high time DC realised all that potential they are sitting on and decided to use it and finally deliver what we’ve all been waiting for.

5. Teen Titans

Okay, sure, they are a group, but nonetheless, they deserve a movie! With support from two generations starting from the 1980s with the New Teen Titans comics and the Teen Titans cartoon of the early 2000s, this team of teenage heroes is all too familiar and loved. Arguably, the Teen Titans have become DC‘s second most recognizable team and it’s high time studio execs show them some love. With all the teenage angst mixed with superheroic action, this movie could most likely be the most relatable movie. On a side note, we would totally be okay with just a Starfire or Robin movie too but it wouldn’t be as fun as the whole gang.

Which superhero or comic-book character do you think deserves a solo movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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