Comic book movies are all the rage now. With some of the biggest names from the comic universe getting their own movies, the market for superhero movies is booming. While there are some superheroes we wish would get their own movies, we are content with the ones we have anyway. However, it’s easy to forget that all these big names actually came from the pages of some of the most epic comic books. While the mainstream superheroes are aplenty, what about the ones lesser known? These comic book characters are just as important to the storyline as some of the main characters yet somehow, they never seem to get enough credit. So today, let’s shine a spotlight on these criminally underrated characters from our beloved comics.

1. Raven

A proud member of the Teen Titans, Raven is a boss in her own right. With powers that are beyond imagination, she is a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, not too many people give her enough credit.

2. Storm

Storm once again graces our list. Her powers are often underestimated and there is a lot of debate surrounding her mutant categorization. Although some say she isn’t an S class mutant, the evidence to support that is very little. She can literally harness the powers of the weather and bring about calamity on a global scale. She deserves a lot more love than she gets.

3. Hawkman And Hawkgirl

Making their debut all the way to 1940, this power couple suffered majorly due to various reinterpretations. Their significance and contribution are highly underrated and they undoubtedly deserve a bigger place in the DC comics.

4. Black Lightning

Marvel gave us Black Panther which is already one of the biggest hits of the year with box office numbers that are through the roof. However, DC has their own black superhero, Black Lightning. If given the chance, he can be a great addition and help boost DC‘s slightly crumbling empire. We know he has his own TV show, but that’s really not cutting it TBH.

5. Metamorpho

Another one of those really cool superheroes that have been plagued by the hands that created them. He’s got cool powers (shapeshifting, bodily transmutation, etc.) and he’s ugly as a sin which should make him a frontrunner for a good team book of outcasts. When you look at some of DC‘s misfit groups, tossing him in the mix could liven things up a little.

6. Shazam

Shazam who is also known as Captain Marvel was a better seller than DC‘s Batman at one point.
Why is he so cool? Ultimate kid wish-fulfilment! A boy named Billy Batson is transformed into the world’s mightiest mortal simply by calling out to the wizard Shazam! While there is a lot of legality behind his downfall, DC not being able to incorporate him properly, is still one of the biggest issues with this amazing superhero not getting the spotlight. Let’s hope the upcoming movie can bring him some long overdue credits.

7. Moon Knight

He is literally Marvel‘s version of Batman minus all the acclaim. Once a former mercenary, he nearly died in battle but was saved when he became the embodiment of the Egyptian God, Khonshu. Moon Knight and his eerie presence aren’t given the kinda love it should be and that needs to change!

8. Iron Maiden

Melina Vostokoff was trained as a Russian government agent from the time she was little. She utilised a metal costume to attain super strength and has always hated Black Widow, who overshadowed her abilities. If there were ever an upcoming Black Widow movie, it would be the perfect time for Iron Maiden to make her debut and in the process, get her due credit.

9. Silver Surfer

While he has seen more popularity in the comics than others on this list, a terrible movie ruined whatever he had going for him. While we hope in the future this character gets so big screen love, for now, we wish that his storyline in the comics gets a bit of a push so that he can come back to his spot. Maybe he can even regain some of his popularity?

Who do you think is the most underrated comic book character? Let us know in the comments below.

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