If you’ve ever been part of the workforce, you’ll know that every office has its own charm. Every desk, table and laptop has its own uniqueness that makes every employee different from another. While working is a serious matter, time and again, you’ll come across people that will entertain you even when the work pressure is intolerable. Here are a few examples:

1. The Blue-Eyed Boy

The boss’ favourite. This guy or girl gets away with murder. They’re the one everyone hates. They’re over-smart, geeky and increase work for everyone. No one likes a kiss-ass, buddy! Why don’t you just take a hike!

2. The Class Clown

The funny one. It’s easy to spot this person. All you need to do is follow the sound of laughter. Whatever this person says is super funny!

3. The Flirt

Move over ladies, he’s here! He’s drop-dead gorgeous and you almost always feel like he walks in slow motion. Everytime he walks past you, you can smell his perfume and he’s just so dreamy!

4. The Fashionista

The one who always dresses like she’s ready to walk the ramp. Fashion forward, she’s the one everyone looks up to. She’s a pure diva. Refreshes her lipstick every hour or so. And her nails are always perfect. How?

5. The Over-Worked Interns

These poor guys are drowned with work. All the frustrated employees dump all their work on these guys. They’re juggling so many things at one time. And if that isn’t enough, they get yelled at all the time.

6. The Lunch Besties

The inseparable besties. These guys are like twins at work. They’re always together. They eat together, sit together and work together. They’re true work-soulmates.

7. The Gossip Mongers

These guys are the ones spreading all the rumours. The ones always whispering to each other in a corner. Discussing what others are wearing, and what everyone is up to.

8. The Boss

The boss man is quite the character. He’s the one very few like. Dumping everyone with work on Friday evening. Yep, he’s that guy. This guy fixes meetings at 8:00 P.M. on a Friday. FML.

9. The Hidden Love Birds

These guys are secretly in a relationship. And they think no one knows. But they’re wrong. They constantly exchange smouldering looks and they think they’re not being noticed.

10. The Coffee Addict

The one who constantly chugs coffee like it’s water. One cup after the other. And God help you after that caffeine kicks in. It’s their cocaine. And their kryptonite.

11. The Grinch

The one who hates everyone. His expression is a cross between FML and resting bitch face. He’ll quickly convert your positive sunshine energy into the ‘I hate everything’ vibe. Stay clear of this one.

12. The Hyper One

The world is falling apart for this one. She feels like the apocalypse will hit her any minute now. Everything goes wrong, often. Poor kid!

13. The Busy Bee

The only thing you’ll hear from them is that they’re always swamped. Whether they’re working or not, they’ll make it look like they’re as busy as the President.

14. The Late-Comer

This person is always late. For a meeting or even a regular working day. Poor guy only gets half his salary every month.

15. The One Who’s Perpetually Unwell

This person is constantly on leave. Whether it’s a headache, or something worse. This person will not show up to work even if they sneeze once in the morning.

Raise your hand if you’ve spotted someone like that at work. If you haven’t, chances are, you’re one of them. The office is suddenly more fun now, isn’t it?

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