For years now, women have been fighting for equal rights and for a voice. Now, their voice is louder than ever and the movement of empowerment and equal rights has gained tremendous momentum. For years now, women have been fighting and standing up for what they want and one such woman is Trisha Shetty. This young and vibrant woman is the founder of SheSays, which is an NGO that fights for equal rights for women. Not only that, her website also provides relevant information on laws pertaining to sexual violence in India.

Through her NGO, countless women who have faced sexual violence have been given the care and help to process what they have gone through. With step-by-step instructions and guidance from going to the hospital to filing an FIR, her NGO has all the information a woman would need to help her in this horrible time.


1. Forbes 30 Under 30

This young and talented woman made the Forbes 30 under 30 list, as one of the 30 social entrepreneurs and pioneering women in Asia. Needless to say, it is more than well deserved for this social trailblazer who is making a huge impact in women’s lives all over India.

2. Young Leader For The Sustainable Development Goals

Being one of the 17, out of the 18,000 nominations to be chosen by the United Nation‘s envoy on youth, she has been recognized for her leadership and contribution to a more sustainable world. The difference she has made and will continue to make for so many women in this country is undeniable.

We asked her how surreal it was to be bestowed such an honour and she said:

The highlight was and continues to be the learnings learnt from the 16 other young leaders – purely by the virtue of their resilience, work ethic, successes and humanity.
The recognition was great, the platforms it provided was helpful, but the connections made and networks built through the program has been what I am most grateful for.

More About SheSays

SheSays is an NGO that aims to end gender-based discrimination and also advance women’s right in the country. Through the youth of the country, they help raise awareness and these young people then become the agents of the much needed social change. They believe in the achievement of SFG 5; gender equality through investment in a strong partnership and institutional building. Recognising the need of the hour, they aim to build a nexus of support in the domains of sanitation, education, health-care, public safety and public policy.

We asked her what the idea behind SheSays was and here’s what she said,

We started as a website to empower society with the right information on laws against sexual abuse and how to seek help from redressal agencies. We recognised interdependency of issues, that you cannot solve gender inequality without also addressing need for quality education for women, need for menstrual hygiene and good health etc. So as an organisation, our ethos has been to have a multidisciplinary approach through a gender-sensitive lens and we believe the surest way to drive change, is by engaging with the youth and leading an organisation run by young people.

Current Campaign

Her latest campaign is aimed at getting the tax on sanitary napkins removed! This campaign quickly went viral and is also supported by many artists from the film industry, comedians, and sportspersons. Hygiene is a basic human right and not a luxury!

We also asked her what her plans for the future were and how SheSays plays a part in it and she said,

Every project I take up plays into furthering the cause that SheSays stands for. I am currently in the process of writing a book on activism. I am letting work opportunities and challenges present themselves and identifying the next course accordingly.

We are proud to be able to put a spotlight on someone who is so deserving! A true trailblazer, Trisha Shetty is an unstoppable and fierce force and we can’t help but be in awe of her and applaud her fight to shatter that ever prevalent glass ceiling.

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