Here's What Shahid Kapoor Plans To Tell Misha Kapoor When She Is Alia Bhatt's Age

Sukriti Gumber , 02 Apr 2018

Shahid Kapoor won the Most Stylish Man award at the recently held GQ style awards. Upon receiving the honour, he spoke about some things always being in style, but style still evolves over the years. He mentioned how Misha, when she turns Alia Bhatt‘s age (25), might point out that his style is not relevant anymore.

It was rather cute, check out what he said:

Thank you GQ for making us look and feel stylish and congratulations to the team on completing 10 years. You know the thing with style is some things always stay in style. And I am guessing GQ is one of them but I am not sure if I am. So many years later when my daughter is as old as Alia is today and I am not dressed that well and she doesn’t think I am so fashionable and she tells me, ‘You know dad, you need to change the way you dress’, I am going to find this dusty little trophy lying somewhere and I’ll tell her ‘Many years ago, I got one of these. So, you can tell me what to wear when you get one of these’.

Awww! Shahid is already thinking about how his baby girl will be, 25 years from now. Sweet!

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