10 Comic Strips That People Who Have A Weird Sense Of Humor Will Appreciate

Atmaj Vyas , 03 Apr 2018

Life without a sense of humour is like living without oxygen. Everyone likes people who have a sense of humour because it acts as a catalyst for conversations and also to an extent, tells you about the person. While humour is a relatively larger term and each person has their own idea of what it is, it’s the people with a weird sense of humour that we’re addressing today. We’re not the mainstream kids and find the oddest things funny. So, here are 10 comic strips that may tickle your fancy.

1. Special Brownies

What is drugs?

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Brownies made with love! Now that’s something we haven’t had yet *cough*. With its subtle references, this comic strip by the raph_comic is truly hilarious.

2. The Irony


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Another funny one by raph_comic! This time, it’s the irony of the whole situation and the fun he’s poking that cracks us up. If you haven’t got it yet, think about it for a second.

3. Magic Is Real

harry potter #harrypotter #hagrid #hogwarts

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This is a potential childhood ruining comic strip by berkeleymews. Now, we can’t stop thinking about how Harry Potter would have played out if this was actually how it actually went down.

4. Cats

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Well, theoatmeal certainly knows a thing or two about cats. In this hilarious exchange between a human and a cat, he quite accurately depicts what a cat would probably say.

5. Ouch!

What are the odds? #life #me #alone #love

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This comic strip by jakelikesonions is the perfect example of forever alone. It’s funny, yet somehow, makes you feel really sad.

6. Getting Lost

Old comic. Never stop exploring #outdoors #life #quotes #love

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Another one by jakelikesonions that get’s straight to the point. It’s sad… but funny in a way because we’ve heard that quote so many times, that by now, we’re over it.

7. Life

You have no power Gary #life #inspiration #job #love

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Alright, jakelikesonions is clearly on point with his comic strip game. This one is just brutally hilarious.

8. Mulan Is Bae

Men watch Disney movies too! This comic strip by fistfulofzebras is funny, yet at the same time, points to the elephant in the room. We’ll leave that one for you to figure out.

9. Relateable AF

This super relatable comic strip by smudgedup is exactly how we feel things happen. The second you say you’re not feeling a certain way, bam! You’re feeling it now.

10. People Ruining Things

In another relateable strip, smudgedup shows us just exactly how we love ruining good things.

What was your favourite comic strip? Let us know in the comments below.

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