11 Trippy Music Videos That Will Guarantee You A GT

Team MissMalini , 04 Apr 2018
Trippy Visual | Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Trippy Visual | Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

The music industry thrives not only on recordings of an artist but also on their music videos. Usually, people enjoy the song even more with visuals and trippy music videos do just that! A lot of effort goes into editing these videos and what should be appreciated is the creativity and editing skills behind it. The special effects are an add-on to the video and that’s what plays with your mind and makes you enjoy it. Here are some trippy music videos that will guarantee you a GT!

1. Mine by Bazzi

Mine by Bazzi is the current trending song and is totally on our playlist. The music video is even better!

Trippiest Moments: 1:39-1:51

2. Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers

Sick Boy is one of the recent songs by The Chainsmokers and has some really catchy beats. The music video is quite dark but has some cool visual effects.

Trippiest Moments: 2:21 onwards

3. Up&Up by Coldplay

Up&Up has a rather unusual music video and was made by young Israeli artists with bizarre and surrealistic imagery. This video actually shows the level of a person’s imagination but that’s what makes it so interesting to watch.

Trippiest Moments: 0:59-1:25

4. Cold By Maroon 5 Ft. Future

Cold features Adam Levine attending a party during which his drink gets spiked and thereafter has a psychedelic adventure where everything is blurred and the people turn into animals!

Trippiest Moments: 1:37-2:07

5. Never Be Like You By Flume Ft. Kai

Flume’s Never Be Like You with Kai has a crazy drop which will make you go crazy if you’re at a party but when you watch the video, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the song even more.

Trippiest Moments: 0:38-1:11

6. Do I Wanna Know? By Arctic Monkeys

This song was released in 2013 but we all listen to it until today, don’t we? This video is bound to put you in a hypnotic zone and don’t be surprised if you feel spaced out after watching it.

Trippiest Moments: 1:28-2:07

7. You Got Me By G-Eazy

Rap artist G-Eazy’s You Got Me trippy video is quite fun to watch. In this video, he roams the streets with his squad enjoying the city nightlife.

Trippiest Moments: 0:31-0:43

8. Pillowtalk By Zayn

The music video is a must watch because of it’s artistically beautiful visuals.

Trippiest Moments: 0:53-1:24

9. Losin Control By Russ

Even though Russ’s Losin Control is a mellow song, the music video delivers stunning visuals.

Trippiest Moments: 0:39-1:00

10. Day ‘N’ Nite By Kid Cudi

This song was released in 2009 and it has some fast-changing visuals with smooth transitions which leaves you baffled!

Trippiest Moments: 1:51-2:03

11. Where Are Ü Now By Skrillex And Diplo Ft. Justin Bieber

How can we forget Justin Bieber’s comeback song? He tied up with two popular artists Skrillex and Diplo. He released the song with beats you could keep dancing to and the colourful, trippy music video will blow your mind.

Trippiest Moments: 2:55 onwards

Which video did you trip on the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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