Kangana Ranaut Talks About Stepping Out Of Her Ego As She Craves 'Pleasantness'

Priyanka Parmar , 04 Apr 2018
Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is known for her unabashed honesty and she’s never shied away from speaking her mind. It is this quality of hers that makes her a rarity in the Bollywood industry and sets her apart from her contemporaries. Like always, the feisty actress spoke from her heart in her recent interview. While talking to the popular leading daily – Times of India, she opened up about a major transition in her life:

There is a shift, there is a sense of calm that you feel. I am 31, running on 32. But it brings about a sense of calm in you, if you try for it. I did try for it. I could have been… you know. But I feel like that phase was great, it was good. Now, for my growth, I need to step out of my ego, or being hot-blooded, high-headed. But then comes a point when you crave engagement with your environment, you want people around you, you want to operate in a way that makes your environment absolutely pleasant, ecstatic. So that’s what I crave. More than my ego, I crave pleasantness. There was a time when pleasantness did not matter to me.

She went on to clarify:

But that doesn’t mean that I will not raise my voice or fight for what is right.

She also added:

I think when you are young, you are hot-blooded, you are impulsive, you are passionate. It’s just the beauty of youth, of being that way. But in some way it starts to come down, in some way you start to grow other traits of your personality.

Are you ready for this transformed version of Kangana?

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