Plastic Disposal (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Plastic Disposal (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Currently, plastic is a major contributor to the pollution crisis. In a year, we generate about 160 million tonnes of plastic waste alone. This waste inevitably ends up in the oceans and other places. In turn, it has taken a significant toll on the marine life and state of the oceans. To put it into perspective, one plastic bag takes 1000 years to degrade! Plastic is used by almost everyone in their daily lives but that needs to change quickly or we’re asking for trouble. To help you do your part, here are 10 things you can do to reduce the use of plastic.

1. Stop Using Plastic Lighters

Smoking is bad enough for your health as it is. You don’t need to destroy the environment along with your lungs. Avoid using disposable plastic lighters. Instead, invest in a refillable metal lighter.

2. Straws

Consider this, straws are the third highest-selling plastic product. This makes it one of the prime contributors towards plastic waste. Many companies and eateries have stopped using plastic products and replaced them cooler and unique alternatives.

3. Reuse Whatever Plastic Containers You Have

When you order takeout or parcel food from a place, they put it in plastic containers. Instead of throwing them out, use them to store other things. You could also start asking the restaurants you visit to not back your food in plastic boxes. If you must get rid of the boxes, drop them in a recycling bin and not just common waste.

4. Reusable Razors

Many people buy disposable razors because they think it’s more hygienic. Instead of using disposable ones, use a razor with disposable blades. This will cut down your plastic consumption by a drastic amount.

5. Use Cloth Shopping Bags

With many states in India finally banning the use of plastic bags, more people have started using cloth bags. While the step is a major one, we’ve still got a long way to go. If you see some using plastic bags, advise them on the alternatives and help educate them about the adverse effects it has on the environment.

6. Shop In Bulk

Instead of shopping in small batches, shop in bulk. This will help reduce the amount of packaging required and will in turn help control the amount of plastic you consume.

7. Avoid Using Plastic Bottles

If thinking about the environment isn’t enough for you, maybe the fact that it’s seriously dangerous for your health should convince you. Stop buying and reusing plastic bottles. Many major corporations have decided to crack down on their use of plastics in their products. That being said, the packaged drinking water industry still has a long way to go.

8. Disposable Plates And Cutlery

While it may seem convenient to use when it comes to parties and other stuff, think about how much plastic waste you’re actually creating. Invest in a little extra cutlery if you need too but it’s important to stop using plastic ones.

9. Recycle And Collection Centres

More people need to band together and create a community that believes in recycling. Local authorities can also form small collection centres where people can come and drop off their plastic waste. This will help spread the word and also educate others about the importance of such things.

10. Think About The Smallest Details

Pay attention to the smaller details. Did you know that all pizzas come with a tiny plastic table looking thing? Just like that, notice the extra waste you’re creating. With a little more attention, you can actually start making a huge impact.

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