13 Types Of People You’ll Find At A Live Cricket Match

13 Types Of People You’ll Find At A Live Cricket Match

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Entertainment in India is synonymous with two things—Bollywood and cricket. Playing the sport and watching it on the telly is definitely fun but going to watch the match is ten times better! With the Indian Premier League starting this week, we thought of the 13 types of people you will surely notice amongst the audience while you’re at a cricket match.

1. The Die-Hard Fans

These guys are major supporters of their favourite team. They wear their team jersey and will oscillate between extreme levels of excitement or anger depending on whether the batsman hits a six or gets out respectively.

2. The Camera Hoggers

These are the ones who wait for the camera to focus on them so that they feature on the big screen. Don’t be surprised if they also ask whether you saw them on T.V.

3. The Guy With A Painted Face

There’s always that one weirdo who always paints his face to support his favourite team. He definitely is the odd one out and is bound to get all the judgemental looks from people around him!

4. The Poster Bearers

The people love making fancy posters to support their team and are forever screaming out the slogans written on them.

5. The Ones With Vuvuzelas

These people are always making noise with their vuvuzelas, even when there is no reason to. Ugh!

6. The Front Row Seaters

These are the guys who sit in the front row just to talk to the cricketers on the field. The cricketers usually keep it professional and do not respond but that doesn’t seem to affect the fans who still try their luck.

7. The Fangirls

These are the bunch of girls who dress up too much and only come to support the hot cricketers.

8. The IDGAF Guy

There’s always that one friend who is forced to come for the match and is least interested in the game. He does not care about what’s going on and is only waiting for the match to get over.

9. The Pervs

These are the creeps who don’t pay much attention to the match but only want to ogle at the cheerleaders.

10. The Mexican Wavers

You’ll always find a bunch of people who love initiating the Mexican Wave and never get tired of it!

11. The Heat Haters

There are always a bunch of people who love to come for the match but are always complaining about the hot and humid weather.

12. The Ones Who Try To Catch The Ball

These guys are waiting for the cricketer to hit a six just so that they can catch the ball and feel like they have unlocked the greatest achievement!

13. The Worried Fans

These people are the fans who get all tensed and worked up when their favourite team is on the losing end.

Which type of person have you spotted the most during a cricket match? Let us know in the comments below.

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