7 Of The Worst Reality Shows To Ever Be Aired On TV

Atmaj Vyas , 06 Apr 2018

We’re a generation that is weirdly obsessed with reality TV. These shows have made many ordinary people celebrities and thrust them into the spotlight. While reality stars have a rather turbulent career, it’s undeniable that more and more people are aiming for that sort of career. Funny enough, people know the dark side of reality shows but they still choose to participate. Over the years, many shows have come and gone. Some worked, some tanked and some were so horrible, they left us wondering how they ever got a green signal. Here are 7 such reality shows that left us speechless.

1. Joe Millionaire

Okay, this show has the quickest summary ever. The plot? 20 girls compete to marry a millionaire. The twist? He’s not actually a millionaire. He’s a janitor. The point of the show? Not a single f**king clue! Oh, to prove it’s not a hollow facade of a show, if the woman decides to stay with the man, they get money! After all, nothing is better than lies, deceit and pretentious happy endings, right?

2. Beauty & The Geek

This show was a stereotype of epic proportions. Hot girls were paired up with geeky guys in an attempt to “help” each other. The guys tried to make the women smarter and the women helped make the guys more appealing. Talk about a cliche. The show basically implied that smart people can look good and good looking people can’t be smart. Nonetheless, it was just as uncomfortable to watch as you would expect.

3. I Wanna Marry Harry

Twelve American women compete for a chance to marry Prince Harry. Well, a lookalike at least. The twist? None of the girls know he’s a fake until the very end. Alright, this show pretty much picks its self apart. Reports also claimed that most of the contestants on the show actually knew he wasn’t the real Prince. Like, duh…

4. Playing It Straight

Proving that reality shows are all about deceit, this one had fourteen men that were competing for the attention of one woman. The catch? Half of the men are gay and if she chooses one of them, she loses and the contestant gets all the money. If she chooses a straight man, they split the money. This show was wrong on so many levels and people were quick to realise that and call it out.

5. Shattered (UK)

Are you an insomniac? Well, this show would have been perfect for you! The idea was pretty straightforward. Stay awake for a week! Every day the contestants compete in challenges that would test their memory and intelligence. Seems pretty great right? However, if you think about the side-effects of not sleeping and the fact that you can actually die, your opinion might change.

6. Next

Ever wondered what Tinder in real life would look like? Well, turns out that MTV was way ahead of its time. The concept of the show was pretty simple. A single person goes on a series of dates and at any point during the date, they can yell “next”. The current date will disappear and a new will come out!. The longer the date lasted, the more money they won. If you thought Tinder was weird, imagine watching it happen live.

7. Parental Control

In this show, the parents choose two potential partners for their teenage kid to date. To make it all the more awkward, the potential candidates are competing with the kids current significant other. So, it’s like getting set-up by your parents, who want you to break up with the person you’re dating. Talk about teenage drama…

What was the worst show you ever watched? Let us know in the comments below.

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