Some people like collecting stamps, some like collecting foreign currency, some stuffed toys and then there are some that like collecting stationery. Anyone who is addicted to stationery knows the joy they feel when they walk into a store and see all the colourful stuff on display. With stationery companies going the extra mile, it’s impossible to not want many things. With that in mind, here are 7 other relateable things other stationery junkies could totally get.

1. You Hate To Share Your Stuff

The most dreaded thing you will ever here is someone asking to borrow your pen. You know the chances of it coming back to you are nearly zero. You try your best to change the topic and make an excuse so that you don’t have to part with that lovely pen you spent hours finding.

2. The Satisfaction Of Completing A Notebook

Completing a notebook just means you get to buy another one. Any excuse to buy new stationery is a valid one. You usually have more than 3 at all times and each of them has a different purpose. When you finish off one notebook, without wasting a single page, the satisfaction of that is beyond measure.

3. There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Stationery

The concept of too much doesn’t exist. You can never have too many diaries or pens. Whether you use them or horde them, it’s something you’ve spent your time and energy to collect. Each one is special and there is always room for more.

4. Age Is Just A Number

Whether you’re 14 or 40, there is no age limit. You love stationery that’s meant for kids, just as much as they would. Stationery is fun, quirky, pretty and fills the heart with excitement and anything that is all of those, doesn’t need to be limited by age.

5. The Smell Of Something New

When you open that notebook or remove the plastic on an eraser, you literally soak in the smell. To others, sniffing your notebook might be creepy but to you, it’s like a ritual.

6. Always On Point

With Instagram and Pinterest giving you all the latest stationery news, these aesthetically clicked pictures are what you live for. You’re always up to date and everything new that hits your local markets or is available online has to be yours, no matter the cost.

7. Themed Stationery

OMG. Let’s not even get to what happens when you see themed or limited edition stationery! It’s a frenzy for every stationery addict and no one, literally, no one can stand in their way. You will go out of your way to get it even if that means having to spend a decent amount. Luckily, stationery is one of the more cheaper things to be addicted to.

What is your favourite type of stationery? Let us know in the comments below.

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