#BlackBuckPoachingCase: Salman Khan's Bail Hearing Judgement Delayed Further

Priyanka Parmar , 07 Apr 2018
Salman Khan

Reports suggest that Ravindra Kumar Joshi, the judge who was presented with Salman Khan‘s bail plea was transferred along with 87 District Judges by the Rajasthan High Court. The transfer is part of a routine reshuffle that is usually carried out during March-April. The transfer order came in late on Friday and hence raised multiple questions on whether the decision will be postponed and if the actor will have to spend more time in jail.

Although, it is likely that Judge Joshi will continue the hearing in Khan’s case on Saturday. It is due to the urgency with which all applications for bail and suspension of sentence under Section 389 of Criminal Procedure Code are treated, reported The Hindu. Sources revealed that the prosecution and defense have both presented their arguments before the Jodhpur Sessions Court. The Judge, however, will be announcing his decision post lunch i.e by 2 pm.

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