10 Of The Most Ridiculous Excuses Ever Made To Get Out Of Work

Atmaj Vyas , 09 Apr 2018

Monday can be a bit of a downer for everyone. Work seems boring and time feels like it isn’t moving fast enough. At some point, we’ve all made a silly excuse to get out of work. Sometimes, you don’t feel like even going to work and just call in sick. These people, however, took making an excuse to a whole new level and it’s totally hilarious. Here are some of the whackiest excuses that may actually work for you. We wouldn’t hold our breath though!

1. I Broke My Hand…

Well, an employee actually claimed that he broke his hand while he tried reaching out to catch his falling sandwich. You’ve got to commend his dedication to save that poor sandwich. Priorities, amirite?

2. Accidental Flight

A girl once claimed that she accidentally got onto a plane which is why she couldn’t get into work. Maybe she could have made a more believable excuse, like sleepwalking or daydreaming. Funnier yet, the excuse was actually accepted.

3. Sticky Situation

An employee once claimed that someone came and glued her door and all her windows shut. She couldn’t report to work because she was “trapped”. TBH, what kind of glue was that? We’re just asking for research purposes.

4. Hairy Scary

Can’t get to work? Just say you’ve got bats stuck in your hair! Apparently, it works. Maybe the bats were glued with the same glue used by our previous entry.

5. New Technology

We’ve advanced quite a bit technologically, or so we’d like to think. So imagine getting a call from an employee, telling you that their uniform caught on fire because they put it in the microwave to dry. Honestly, we’d give them a day off just for that level of creativity.

6. Truth Be Told

We all like honest people, don’t we? One employee took his honesty to the next level when he decided to take the day off because he was in a good mood. He didn’t want to ruin it by being at work any longer so he requested if he could leave for the day.

7. Movie Night

Ever watched a movie and found it so traumatic, that you couldn’t deal with real life anymore? Well, most of us would say no to that one. However, someone decided to watch The Hunger Games and found the ending so sad, they decided to not report to work.

8. Forget About It

Why make an excuse to bunk work when you can simply forget you have a job? We’re not joking. An employee actually claimed that he didn’t show up for work because he totally forgot that he even had a job. In the event that you tend to forget you have a job, we highly recommend that you put sticky notes all over your house.

9. Relateable Problems

Don’t know what to wear? No worries! Just call in and say you can’t figure out what to wear so you won’t be coming to work. If that doesn’t get you fired, maybe take the day to arrange your wardrobe. Why can’t such an excuse work for us?

10. Preemptive Sickness

There’s nothing better than preemptively calling your boss to tell them you’re falling sick. Especially when they’re sitting right in front of you, at the same bar and enjoying the same happy hours as you. Bad luck or just confidence?

What’s the funniest excuse you’ve made to get out of work? Let us know in the comments below.

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