It’s that time of the year again when you can play all kinds of pranks and get away with it. April Fool’s Day is celebrated globally and every one comes up with the funniest and most unique ideas to fool people. Sometimes, they put in far too much effort for pranking people but the best part is seeing how people react when they get fooled. From pranking people on the road or professors tricking their students to celebrities pranking each other, we have listed some of the must watch pranks this April Fool’s Day!

1. Easter Eggs Prank

Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day have fallen on the same day after 1956. This definitely calls for pulling off some crazy tricks and pranks with your family member and friends!

2. Penny In The Bottle Prank

This prank went quite viral on social media with almost every age group trying it out on their friends. An old couple also tried this prank and it’s great fun to watch!

3. Coffee Shop Prank

Do you remember the coffee shop prank? It was quite famous on the Internet in 2013. It was merely a marketing gimmick staged by the people behind the remake of the classic horror film Carrie. The video shows a woman with telekinetic abilities totally freaks out when someone drop coffee on her laptop and creates havoc which scares all the people in the coffee shop.

4. The IT Clown Prank

The horror movie IT that featured a clown became so famous that people started dressing up like the him and scared one another. Here’s a video of a man portraying himself to be the creepy clown who managed to prank his girlfriend more than once!

5. Magic Spider Trick Prank

Another prank that went viral on social media, this prank involves a man scaring a bunch of people just using a cellphone and a fake rubber spider!

6. Prank By Ellen DeGeneres And Justin Bieber

Ellen Degeneres is known for all her funny pranks. In this one, she collaborates with music artist Justing Bieber who dresses up like a security guard to prank people the audience coming to watch her show.

7. Deja Vu Prank

If you’re in college and cannot think of a new way of pranking someone, this deja vu prank will definitely give you an idea!

8. Math Professor Fixes Projector Screen

This prank played by a Mathematics professor is so well thought of that we wish we had a teacher like that!

9. Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his April Fool’s pranks but the tables turned this time when Rihanna gave him a little surprise in his own house while he was asleep.

10. Box Prank On Roommate

If you have a roommate, then you can surely take some inspiration from this video.

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