There is no denying that a great hair colour can completely change your look. So for the upcoming summer season, we’ve put together a few hair colour ideas that we feel will get you all the double-taps on Instagram and dozens of complements in the real world too. Whether you’re working in the corporate sector, studying in college or simply define yourself as the OTT girl, there’s a hair colour idea in here for everyone.

1. For The Working Girl

We understand that the corporate sector doesn’t permit the blues and reds to grace those gorgeous locks. But don’t worry you can still make a statement with a stunning global hair shade like this one. Mahogany brown with hints of red; just plain stunning!

2. For The Experimental Girl

If you’re the experimental kind of girl, you’re going to love this blend of colours we discovered. Hues of purple mixed with orange—who would have thought it to look so enchanting?

3. For The Girl-Next-Door

If you’re the girly girl who loves a pretty summer dress, then this hair colour idea should top your list. A romantic brown with gold highlights that perfectly glimmer in the summer sun.

4. For The Basic Girl

I have to admit, I am the basic kind of girl. That is why this basic ombre resonated with me immediately. It’s soft, dreamy, enough to let you stand out yet keep you in the crowd.

5. For The Tomboy

If you’re all about the comfy jeans, flats, and loose shirts—consider this for your next hair colour idea. Does this short crop and electric blue spell perfection for you?

6. For The OTT Girl

She’s not afraid to make a statement and loves everything that shines. That is why we couldn’t help but choose this unicorn hair colour with a hint of sparkle.

Which kind of girl are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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