9 Types Of Instagram Profiles You’ve Most Likely Come Across

9 Types Of Instagram Profiles You’ve Most Likely Come Across

Atmaj Vyas

Checking Instagram is a part of almost everyone’s daily routine. Most of the time, it’s the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we check in the night. It’s the best way for us to keep track of what’s going on in the world and also to look at pretty pictures. While scrolling through, we’ve all come across some odd profiles that either left us laughing or cringing. If you’ve been around long enough, here are a few types of profiles you’ve most likely come across.

1. The Artsy One

There are some profiles out there that can actually give you major art inspiration and good vibes. However, there are also a lot of pretentious rip-offs as well. With zero creativity or understanding of what art really means, their posts are cringy at best.

2. The Photographer

Just because you own a DSLR, doesn’t mean you’re a photographer. While some of these posts may actually be good, realising that it doesn’t qualify you to call yourself a professional is also important.

3. The Memester

If you haven’t been tagged in a meme before, you’ve probably got no real friends! Instagram is filled with memes and even accounts that professionally make memes! Yeah, that’s right… it’s a profession now.

4. The Fashion Blogger

For some reason, there are a lot of self-proclaimed fashion bloggers on Instagram. They think that posting an OOTD is enough to qualify them to be considered. However, if you ask the real fashion bloggers out there, you’d know just how much goes on behind the scenes for each post.

5. The Food Critic

While scrolling through your feed, you’ve definitely come across pictures of food. While clicking pictures of it isn’t the bad part, criticising it without having the knowledge about it is.

6. The Mushy One

We all either know someone or have seen profiles that keep posting mushy stuff. While it’s cute from time-to-time, a constant barrage of lovey-dovey stuff can actually make you puke.

7. The Creepy Profile

No profile picture, creepy bio and questionable posts. These are the ghosts of Instagram. There is a 90% chance that the person is a total stalker.

8. The Travel Guru

More than anything else, these profiles make us feel really bad about how less we travel. They serve major #FOMO and have some of the prettiest pictures and often times, pretty good travel advice. Although, we wouldn’t advise on holding our breath for the advice part.

9. The “Official” Profile

The people who have official after their name are truly a peculiar type. Either it’s mentioned in their profile or its mentioned in their handle. While we get what they’re trying to prove, we don’t know why they’re trying to prove it. A new trend even has people put a blue little dot so that it appears as if it’s a verified account. Honestly, stop.

What are the kinds of profiles you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments below.

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