At any given point, there is a lot that goes on in an office. Different departments talking, people chatting, meetings, etc. While every workplace environment may differ, there is one thing that remains constant, the conversations. Weirdly enough, if you think about it, there are a few things and conversations that occur in every office. Here are 10 such common things.

1. When is the next long weekend?

This is probably the question on everyone’s mind. With a whole bunch of long weekends lined up this year, it’s an important question to ask.

2. Do you have a tampon/pad?

It’s a real thing. When you work together for long enough, your cycles tend to sync. So if you’re short on a tampon, there’s no harm asking around. It’s actually a pretty common workplace thing.

3. Can we go for a smoke already?

Ahh, the famous smoke-break buddies. Every office has them and they’re always looking for an excuse to go for a break.

4. Uh, I can’t wait for the weekend because…

Well, we can’t wait for the weekend because we can finally sleep! Be it the start of the week or the end, this is something you’ll always hear.

5. Oh crap, I totally forget about the meeting!

Every office has the ditsy one. They usually forget about stuff and are pretty last minute about almost everything. You’d probably hear this as a loud exclamation and is followed by general panic.

6. But, I was like 2 minutes late!

They were actually 30 minutes late but apparently, time works a little different for them. This is like a morning ritual in almost every office.

7. Oh f**k!

Now, this is probably the most common phrase used in any office. Whether its good news or bad, you’re more than likely to use this.

8. Listen, tell me when you’re going for lunch haan!

Just like you have the smoke break buddies, you also have the lunch break besties. They always coordinate what time they’re going to take their lunch break and they make sure that everyone else also knows.

9. Dude, check your email!

From experience, when someone says this or tells you this, nothing good really follows. The chances are, you’re going to say oh f**k!

10. Oh, HR wants to talk to you about something.

Yikes! Most of the times it’s just harmless but the other times, it’s pretty serious. You’re either going to call for a cake or get pulled up for something. There is never an in between with HR.

What are the most common things you hear in your office? Let us know in the comments below.

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