Luis Fonsi’s famous song Despacito was temporarily deleted from YouTube by a few hackers. This video broke a record of the first ever video on YouTube to ever cross 5 billion views. A few days after that was announced, the video was hacked with an image of a few people wearing masks and pointing guns at the camera.

A lot of other Vevo videos of Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Drake were also affected.

Even though this video was hacked and deleted, it was later retrieved by Vevo and rectified.

The hackers called themselves Prosox and Kuroi’sh and had replaced some of the videos’ titles with messages like ‘Free Palestine’ with their nicknames on the side.

As per authorities, it is not easy to gain such access to these videos and since these hackers went through, they are still to inspect how they were granted this access and were able to pull off such a massive trick.

There was also a tweet from one of the apparent hackers that mentioned it was all for fun and that he loved YouTube.

We’re happy that the video was finally retained and not much damage was done. But it’s a shocker to know that hackers could intrude such highly secured firewalls and tamper official Vevo files. In any case, we’re glad to have the 5 billion views back, and we congratulate Luis Fonsi and everyone else who was a part of the video for breaking the record! Here’s the official video back again.

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