(Source: Instagram | @rosibel.hair)
(Source: Instagram | @rosibel.hair)

If you have fine, frizzy or curly hair odds are that you reach straight for the heating tools to take you from drab to fab. After all, not everyone truly loves the hair they’re born with. Some, like me, love their curls but can’t stand the awkward baby hair and frizz. Others, feel their hair gets way too flat and limp. And no matter how much you pray to the hair Gods, they just don’t seem to listen. Which is why most of us have make a dirty habit for reaching for our straighteners and curling irons.

You may or may not know this, but the amount of heat caused by the tools (not to mention the styling products that go into your hair before that) can have an adverse effect to the overall texture. And damaged hair can be a whole other ballgame to fix. So, we have a solution…

While you don’t necessarily have to love the hair you’re given, you can learn how to embrace it by going heatless. Yes, you heard right. No tools, but a ton of scrunchies, bobby pins and hair accessories are welcome. And to make your lives easier, here are a couple of easy heatless hairstyles you can try out…

Which one is your favourite? Let us know if you’ll be trying any of these styles out.

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