Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber with their babies, Nisha, Noah & Asher
Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber with their babies, Nisha, Noah & Asher

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are one of the hottest couples in B-Town and these lovebirds aren’t shy when it comes to expressing their love for each other. Their social media is always filled with sweet romantic pictures and posts. Earlier this week, Sunny took to Twitter to mark their 7 year anniversary by sharing a picture from their wedding.

Here’s the tweet.

While Sunny tweeted out a picture of their Indian wedding ceremony, Daniel replied to her tweet with a picture  from their English ceremony.

Check it out.

Daniel went on to drop an extra tweet after the picture expressing how it was just the beginning for them.

Their anniversary may have gotten over but that didn’t stop Sunny from sharing this quick selfie of them.

Just look at these two! They’re giving us all sorts of #CoupleGoals! While we weep over our single selfies, take a look at all the social media love that this couple has blessed us with.

Especially this one. When both of them took out time from their busy schedules to publically acknowledge 10 years of togetherness on social media.

Or this one. When they just took a quick selfie before lunch.

Or this. When Sunny shared a sleepy selfie

Or this. Just Daniel casually applauding his wife for the woman she is on Women’s day

Or this. Hot couple, hot pictures…

And there are just so many more cutesy pictures of this couple that it’s hard to choose. As we gape open-mouthed at your picture-perfect selves, we wish both of you many more years of togetherness – Sunny and Daniel!