Rohit Shetty, who is known for making some of the best Masala entertainers will be directing Simmba next. When we heard about Ranveer Singh doing the film, it felt like a Bollywood lover’s dream come true (including me) and now Rohit reveals how the leading lady, Sara Ali Khan fits right into the film’s mood.

Here’s what he told a leading daily:

When I met Sara for the first time, I realised she is a hardcore commercial heroine. She is made for masala films.

He further went on to explain what made Sara his final choice:

Sara approached me saying she wanted to work with me. I thought she’d be perfect for Simmba. She’ll match Ranveer’s craziness because her character in the film is such.

About working with Bollywood’s most eccentric favourite, Rohit said:

We have worked together in an ad film and that is when we started planning to collaborate for a film. But I couldn’t have imagined making Simmba if not for Ranveer Singh, because he is the only actor who has the strength to pull out such a character. This is the first time we will see Ranveer playing a policeman in an action film. There are certain colourful elements in the character of Simmba that Ranveer also has. So I really had to change my writing if Ranveer would have said ‘no’ to my film. “There is a lot of energy in the character, so as in him.

This is one film set we’d love to visit, what about you?