An interview is a pretty serious thing and usually takes a lot of preparation. For most people, it’s a pretty intense and important thing. While most people know what it’s like and what is expected at an interview, you have a few that are so oblivious it’s outright hilarious. Here are a few stories that have been shared online.

1. Private Affair

A lot of companies have rules against dating co-workers and there’s a reason for it. Things can get messy sometimes and that can affect your work. Either way, bringing up the fact that you lost your previous job because of an affair at an interview, isn’t the best idea.

2. But, Are You?

At one company, all prospective applicants are required to fill out a questionnaire. In that, there was a question that asked the candidates to choose “one” to summarise their strongest professional attribute. One of the candidates decided to write ‘I’m very good at following instructions’. Umm, maybe not?

3. You’ve Applied For The Wrong Job

Customer-service is a tough job that requires people with a lot of patience. So you can imagine the shock of the HR when they asked a potential candidate what the one thing was, that he wouldn’t like about the job and he replied, ‘dealing with people’. Are you sure you’re in the right place buddy?

4. It’s Called The Internet!

Before applying to any company, it’s essential to know about them. You can’t walk in blind because the chance that you’re going to be asked what you know about the company, is 100%. So, in the interview, when you ask the HR what the company does or what it’s about, we’d highly recommend you don’t wait for a callback. Seriously, Google it.

5. Too Busy To Be Bothered

Not kidding, a candidate actually sent his sister to interview in his place because he was “busy”. Here’s a quick lesson, if you’re too busy, don’t schedule an interview. It’s not a “friends and family” sale and it’s called professionalism.

6. Never Hug HR

Whether the interview went well or not, control your emotions. You might be chilled out but hugging the HR at the end, is a big no. There is always a time and place for hugs… this ain’t one of those times.

7. We Might Have A Small Problem

Imagine telling your future employer that you can’t work Friday, Saturday and Sunday because those are for your “drinking time”. There probably isn’t a better way to get rejected. Also, in case you didn’t realise this already, you might be an alcoholic.

8. Choose Your Friends Wisely

More importantly, don’t take them along for a job interview. One HR actually had a candidates friend pop in and ask how much longer the interview would take. We can only imagine what was going through the head of the candidate and HR. We clearly know that the friend didn’t have a brain so not much would be going on there.

9. Sorry, What?

The first rule of an interview, turn your phone off or put it on silent. Pretty basic right? Well, one HR had a candidate who not only picked up the call in the middle of the interview, he also asked the HR to leave the room while he attended the call. Must be a clear case of “I’m the boss syndrome”.

10. Anger Management

Resorting to violence in order to solve a problem is never an answer. That being said, hammering your previous boss and then boasting about it at your new job interview, is the best way to ensure you’re never getting a job. Seriously, how messed up do you have to be to not know something as basic as that?

What is the funniest moment you’ve had at a job interview? Let us know in the comments below.

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