Had a rough night? Well, it’s pretty evident from the guilt on your face early in the morning. Checking your photo gallery right now is just a horror. No one wants to remember the debauchery from last night. But what’s worse is the hangover that follows. It reminds you of the insane amount of alcohol that’s in your system right now and how your body is screaming for water. If you’re hungover right now, these points will be relatable AF.

1. You’re Dehydrated And How

Much like a vampire searching for blood, you’re dehydrated and hunting for water. All you need is water. No breakfast or lunch. Just water!

2. You Just Can’t Deal With Loud Noises

Shhh! The last thing you need around you is a person talking loudly. Or anything making noise for that matter.

3. The Sun Is Your Kryptonite

Anything bright right now is killing you. All you really want to do is sleep in a dark room all the live long day.

4. All You Can Think About Is Your Bed

Sleep, sleep, sleep! That’s all you want and that’s all you really need. You can’t think of anything else.

5. You Survive On Coffee

The only way to survive the day is by tanking on black coffee. It’s your only chance for survival.

6. You Pretend To Be Alive, But Your Actually Dead Inside

You’re nodding, but in your head, you really can’t even process one word the other person is saying. All you can hear is blah blah blah!

7. You’re Still Slurring

You’re technically not hungover when you’re still drunk, right? You’re still slurring because you’re still high from the night before.

8. Your Mouth Tastes Like Pigeon Sh*t

You can still taste the alcohol from last night. And at this point, you’re very disgusted with yourself. And even the thought of alcohol makes you want to barf.

9. You Just Can’t Handle Happy People

You’re just trying to figure how to avoid people. And especially people who’re extra and super excited. They’re the worst.

If you’re dealing with the hangover right now, we totally feel you and we know how challenging it is to adult that day. But remember, this too shall pass, and hopefully tomorrow you’ll feel better than today! Till then, make sure to hydrate.

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