Surveen Chawla sure proved that she wasn’t just a pretty face with her performance in Parched. But it did surprise many when she got married to her boyfriend Akshay Thakker. Nevertheless, the actress insists that her life has just gotten better.

She was surprised that people were shocked when she announced her wedding on Instagram.

“Why does it shock people that I got married? Those days are gone when an actress would achieve her professional goals first and then get married. Many actresses achieve great professional heights even after marriage now.”

She also spoke about how it was never a choice between her profession and her love.

“Just because I was perceived as a go-getter and an ambitious person, it did not mean that I had no intention of getting married if I found the right guy. Marriage and career are not interrelated and people should understand that. Just like any professional woman who continues to work after her marriage, an actress should not wait when she finds the right guy.”

You tell ’em, girl. Just the way we feel.

She even went on to say how supportive her husband is of her career and how good their understanding is with each other.

“I could kiss my co-actor or even go nude on screen, I can do whatever the script demands in a film and my husband will not say anything about it. That’s the kind of understanding I have with him. When I have this kind of comfort level with him, why would I wait to get married? My husband is supportive of my work and I got a companion for life, what more can a woman ask for?”

Now, that’s a match made in heaven.

But she also opened up about how she too has gone through ups and downs in her relationships and how she was reluctant to get married until she found ‘the one’.

Surveen sure isn’t someone who minces her words. With this, she’s shut down all those who would ever ask her to choose between her career and her family.

Surveen was last seen in ALT Balaji’s web series Haq se

Stay the way you are, Surveen! We love you!