Celebrity Slam Book: 10 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Rohan Joshi

Celebrity Slam Book: 10 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Rohan Joshi

Atmaj Vyas

There is no denying that AIB‘s generic pretty boy and all-around funny man, Rohan Joshi is nothing short of a laughter riot. There are a lot of qualities about him that make him so likeable and funny. The fact that he isn’t afraid to make fun of himself is just an added bonus. While he might be famous, he’s actually someone who you’d easily be able to relate to. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 random things that will help prove that!

1. He Screams For Ice Cream

Fun fact, he can actually take down an entire tub of ice cream in a single sitting! To add to that wonder, he does it every second night. Well, finally something to explain why he’s so sweet all the time. #BadJoke

2. He’s Probably Allergic To Doordarshan

As a kid, for some odd reason, every time a certain ad played on Doordarshan, he would get a 102 fever. Till date, no one has been able to explain this mysterious phenomenon. Basically, keep him away from the channel at all costs.

3. He Really Loves Doing The Dishes

While some meditate to get over a stressful day, Rohan prefers to do the dishes. It’s actually his most favourite thing in the world. There is something about seeing a pile of dishes and being the reason for their cleanliness, that centres him. That’s perfect husband material right there!

4. He Can’t Live Without His Favourite Chocolate

His absolute favourite chocolate in the world is actually Cadbury Flake! So remember that the next time you can’t decide what to gift him.

5. He Would Give Up His Body, Soul & Mind For Salted Cashews

The best way to his heart is through salted cashew nuts! In fact, he would sell his body, soul and mind if that meant getting some salted cashews.

6. He Has Some Cheesy Priorities

Planning out the menu for a wedding can be a tedious task. Not for Rohan though! The main thing he wants on his wedding menu is chilly cheese toast.

7. He Knows The Best Way To Eat Khichdi

He truly believes that the only way people should eat khichdi is with a healthy serving of tomato ketchup. To be honest, it actually isn’t that bad. It’s as he said, don’t it hate it without trying it.

8. He Can Eat Anything If It Has Chocolate On It

He really loves chocolate. So much so that if you add chocolate to anything, he will actually eat it! Here’s an idea! How about salted cashews covered in chocolate? That’s a heart-winning combination right there!

9. He Can’t Stand Lemon Desserts

He absolutely hates lemon desserts and literally can’t understand why anyone would have them. He really f**king hates it! Relateable? We think so!

10. He’s Actually Extremely Lazy And Shy

The struggle of getting out of bed is not lost on this one! Also, it’s kinda cute to know he’s a shy guy. Being lazy and shy probably makes him a lot more relatable.

Oh, he also loves to over-deliver on his promises, so that’s one more reason to love him. Were you surprised by these facts? Let us know which one is the most relatable, in the comments below.

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