5 Videos That Will Restore Your Faith In Advertising

5 Videos That Will Restore Your Faith In Advertising

Atmaj Vyas
Advertisement (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Advertisement (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

We’ve all come across an advertisement that we thought was about something, but ended up being completely unrelated. There are also a lot of ads that mislead innocent customers. With all that is going on, very few people actually have any faith left in advertisements. However, all is not lost! Here are 5 advertisements that prove not all of them are boring and will also restore your faith in them.


This is an ad that is brilliantly executed. Unlike other ads, they actually portray their kitchen products and makeover as a cooking guide. It’s actually pretty intriguing because it’s done so well. Most ads that sell modular kitchens are pretty boring and generic, so this is a pleasant change.

2. Sony Max

While some companies like to go overboard with their anniversary ads, Sony Max decided to take an unexpected route. Not only does this ad hit you right in the feels, it also brings to light an important issue. This could have easily become cheesy and corny, however, it didn’t. Everything from the cast to the setup and even the song choice, are all perfect! Wish more Indian TVCs were like this.

3. Tanishq

Many times, advertisements portray things in a rather unrealistic way. Tanishq, however, got this one right simply because of their portrayal of what it’s like to married for so long. There is no over the top romance, nothing extra. It’s just a guy talking about his wife. At first, your eyebrow raises and you wonder where this is heading. The end though is nothing short of cute. It’s the perfect portrayal of the sticking together through the ups and downs of life.

4.  Tide

Ok, this commercial is probably one of the hilarious ones that aired at the Superbowl. It makes fun of the typical advertisements you see nowadays on TV. They then take that very plot and somehow manage to make it about Tide. Seriously, whoever thought of this idea needs some sort of award. You can watch this ad a hundred times and still not get bored of it. Basically, this ad is one gigantic roast!

5. Chevrolet

Ahh! This advertisement is like a rollercoaster ride. It takes you through a spectrum of emotions, which isn’t something you relate to an advertisement for a car. It’s the story that will break your heart. You know what they are trying to talk about from the very start, yet you still want to invest your time into watching the whole thing. Throughout the ad, they never once try to change the focus. It’s that very subtlety that makes this ad all the more powerful.

What’s been the one ad that surprised you? Let us know in the comments below.

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