We all have that one friend who’s vegan. They’ve cut out meat, dairy and other products to lead a healthier and clean lifestyle. And while the rest of us applaud their commitment, we can’t help but wonder, how we can give back to planet Earth? Like the fashion industry encourages the use of sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, the beauty world urges the cause of going vegan—As in, using natural products that support the prevention of animal testing.

For those of you who aren’t aware, most of our favourite hair, skin and makeup brands go through a process of tests. These tests are demonstrated on animals for the safety and hypoallergenic properties of the product, after which they get approved for human use. With a mission to stop cosmetic testing on animals and be affiliated with cruelty-free organisations, beauty brands all over the world aren’t afraid to take this stand.

Scroll below and check out the vegan beauty heroes who have taken PETA’s pledge. And whose products are as good as their all-natural ingredients!

1. The Body Shop

2. Cover FX

3. Kat Von D

4. NYX Cosmetics

5. Ouai Haircare

6. Too Faced

7. Elf Cosmetics

8. Dr. Brandt

9. Ardell

10. Dermalogica

11. Glossier

12. LUSH

13. MoroccanOil

Are you already leading a cruelty-free life? Let us know how and if you have a favourite vegan beauty product?

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