4 Things Pooja Hedge Has In Her Handbag At All Times

Natasha Patel , 23 Apr 2018
Pooja Hedge for Beauty Diaries
Pooja Hedge for Beauty Diaries

Pooja Hedge, a 27-year-old stunner whose height and good looks are definitely all genetics. But she’s given us the scoop on how she keeps her hair so healthy and rich, what her go-to beauty products are and of course, who she loves to follow on the ‘gram!

What does your typical day look like?

I wake up and have a shot of black coffee. Then hit the gym and later head for a shoot. After I shoot all day, I come home, learn my lines and then catch up on a TV show or read a book. So it’s basically sleep and repeat.

What is your night-time skincare routine like?

Once I take off all my make up, I moisturise heavily!

How often do you go for a manicure and pedicure?

Once or twice a year!

What is the one makeup product you cannot live without?

Bobbi Brown‘s Cheek and Lip Rouge pot.

How do you pamper your hair? Do you have a particular  product or treatment?

I go the old school way—Coconut oil. There’s nothing like it.

What is a beauty trend you’d love to try out?

Glitter eyeshadow.

What are the essentials you have in your handbag?

Mint, perfume, sunglasses and a lipstick.

Are you a red lips or winged eyeliner person?

A winged eyeliner!

What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

@willsmith and @theellenshow.

Your beauty mantra?

Nothing gives a better glow than carbs!

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