Working Hard (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Wasn’t the weekend a blast? If it wasn’t, you’re probably a workaholic. You probably didn’t even know it was the weekend, because you’ve been working for so many consecutive weekends. And hey, you’re totally fine with that because you’re good at what you do and are proud of working this hard. You’ll find these points quite relatable if you’re a workaholic. So, let’s get right to it.

1. You Don’t Know When The Weekend Arrives

Is it Saturday? Doesn’t matter really if you’re a workaholic. You’ve got so much to do, that the weekend is irrelevant to you.

2. Your Boss Loves You

And that’s probably why some of your colleagues don’t like you. They think you’re extra and they can’t handle the fact that you can take on so much work and pull it off successfully.

3. You Miss Out On All The Office Gossip

You’ve got so much going on, that you don’t get time to indulge in gossip and know what’s happening around you.

4. You Barely Spend Any Money

You don’t get time to go out and have much fun since you’re so exhausted after work that all you can think of is your bed. This automatically makes you save money.

5. You Love Your Job

You love what you do because you’re so good at it. This is the biggest sign of being a workaholic.

6. You Don’t Have Time For A Relationship

Your life is waking up, heading to work, coming home and crashing. You don’t have time to meet new people and be in a relationship because that requires actually committing time and effort that you can’t afford right now. You’re so busy that you don’t even remember the last time you went on a holiday! And sometimes, you even report to work if you’re unwell.

7. Your Friends Have Disowned You

In fact, you haven’t even met your family properly in so long, let alone your friends. They’ve deleted your number long ago. And they’ve stopped inviting you for plans because they know you’re never going to show up.

8. The Only Thing You Look Forward To Is Sleep

After a long hard day, you don’t look forward to drinking with your friends or eating a good meal. Instead, you look forward to sleeping. That’s the extent of your desires at this point.

9. You Don’t Remember The Last Time You Left The Office On Time

Everybody leaves the office at 6:00 PM sharp. But not you! You stay back and finish off a lot of pending work because let’s face it, you think it’s more productive when everyone leaves the office and you can work better in that peace and quiet.

10. You’ve Got Your Goals All Figured Out

You’ve planned your life ahead. You know your milestones and how long you have to achieve them. You’re goal oriented and you don’t get when people tell you that they’re clueless about their future.

If you relate to any of these, chances are you’re a workaholic. There’s no shame in it, in fact, it’s a moment of pride that you take your job and life seriously.

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