9 Things People Need To Stop Blaming On Their Star Sign

Atmaj Vyas , 24 Apr 2018

While there isn’t any proof that the star sign of a person defines their characteristics, it’s hard to deny that there aren’t any common traits. That being said, there are a lot of people who seem to blame the most random or stupidest things on their star sign. Here are 9 such things.

1. Compatability

We’ve all heard someone cribbing about why things didn’t work out with someone. Often times, something that comes up is how it was because they had star signs that were “not compatible”. Seriously, maybe it’s time for some introspection!

2. Getting Drunk

Okay, this one always cracks us up. Seriously, maybe you just drink a little too much and don’t know when to stop. Still, it’s pretty amusing when someone says stupid s**t like this. Although, we’re pretty sure alcoholism isn’t a trait specific to any star sign.

3. Anger

This one is way too common and needs to stop ASAP. Getting pissed off isn’t something that has anything to do with your star sign. All of us get angry and we all have different ways of handling it. Grow up and figure a better way to deal with it.

4. Flirting

If we had a rupee for everytime someone said ‘they like flirting because it comes naturally to their star sign’, we’d be millionaires. If you’re a flirt, just say you are one. The truth can sometimes be quite freeing, so embrace it!

5. Laziness

Being lazy has absolutely nothing to do with someones star sign. It’s more of a “you” kinda problem. There’s nothing wrong about procrastination, just don’t blame it on other things.

6. Sexual Prowess

We’re pretty sure your star sign has no correlation with how good (or bad) you’re in bed. If you’re good, cool! If you’re bad, well, you might want to work on it? If you ever hear someone say ‘I’m great in bed because I’m a Leo’, that’s your cue to walk away.

7. Sensitivity

There is nothing wrong with being an emotional person or wearing your heart on your sleeve. Stop believing that it has anything to do with your star sign. On the other hand, if you’re a stone cold b**ch, embrace it or work on it. Don’t keep telling people it’s because of your star sign.

8. Faults

Some people just blaming the craziest stuff on their star sign. Whether they’re clumsy, mean, forgetful, late for work, etc. it’s always their star sign that is to be blamed. Again, we do suggest some introspection.

9. Being An Introvert Or An Extrovert

Whether you like to sit at home or go out and socialise, it’s something that varies from person to person, not star sign to star sign.

Honestly, people just need to start owning up for some of the crazy stuff they do. It’s not always the other persons or in this case, star signs fault. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments below.

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