Rajpal Yadav was sentenced to a six-month-long imprisonment by the Delhi Karkardooma Court on 23rd April in connection with the cheque bounce case. Earlier on 14th April, the court had found him, his wife (Radha Yadav) and their company,  Messrs Naurang Godavari Limited guilty in the case. While Rajpal was ordered imprisonment, the court didn’t extend the same punishment to Radha stating that,

She is a woman and keeping in view her medical condition, no sentence of imprisonment is awarded to Ms. Yadav.

Reports suggest that the couple was also ordered to pay Rs. 1.60 crore for each of the 7 cases with the total amount coming up to Rs. 11.20 crores. The actor submitted a plea for lenient punishment which was discarded by the court as he had failed to pay back Rs. 8 Crore to Messrs Murli Projects Pvt. Ltd, in the recovery suit filed against him. Apparently, the company had extended a loan of Rs. 5 crores to Mr. Yadav for making a film titled, ‘Ata Pata Lapata’ in 2010. Hence, the court ruled saying:

Record reflects that convicts made several undertakings… claiming that the amount will be repaid, however, to no avail. It shows that the approach of convict number 2 (Rajpal Yadav) is highly contemptuous…

In 2013, Yadav was locked up in Tihar Jail from December 3 to December 6 for submitting a false affidavit in the case. As per latest reports, the actor has promised to pay the company Rs. 11.10 crore including the interest accrued on it. The actor is currently released on bail for a bond of Rs. 50,000 and plans to appeal to the higher court.