10 Things Only Someone Who’s Lazy Can Relate To

10 Things Only Someone Who’s Lazy Can Relate To

Karishma Govil
Lazy Man (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Lazy Man (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

There are overachievers, but that’s not us. Right? We’re the procrastinators! If you consider yourself lazy, we’ve got a list of things only someone who is super lazy will understand. If you’re wondering whether you’re lazy or not, here’s how you’d know. The first sign of being lazy would be skipping a few points of this blog post because reading 10 points is just too much of an effort, yes? So let’s get right to it!

1. You’re The Snoozemaster

If your alarm could speak, it would scream and cry. The poor guy is the most rejected thing on the planet. You snooze the guy at least 6 times every morning.

2. You Live On Spellcheck

Because who has the energy to type an entire word right? Your life depends on Spellcheck.

3. You Repeat Your Clothes Often

You definitely don’t make an effort of dressing up and choosing an outfit for the day. In fact, you really don’t understand how people come to work all dressed up. You wonder where they get that enthusiasm from.

4. You Take The Elevator Even For The 1st Floor

Well, it’s awkward. But that’s something you can handle as opposed to actually climbing a whole flight of stairs.

5. The TV Remote Decides What You Watch

Sometimes when the TV remote is far away from you, you either wait for someone to enter your room so you could tell them to fetch it for you, or you just watch whatever is currently going on.

6. You Can’t Read Long Articles

Or even watch long videos. It’s too much and you really can’t put so much effort into it.

7. You Cancel Plans Because You’re Lazy

And you’re happy when someone cancels the plan too. It’s a bonus when that happens. You just hate to get out of your house. All you want to do is sleep in your bed.

8. The Only Workout You Do Is Stretch To Try And Reach Out To Things

Oh man! The worst is when something is not in your range of reach. You’ll stretch to a point where you might fall or pull a muscle, but you won’t get up for sure.

9. Keeping The Plate Back In The Kitchen Is The Real Struggle

You’re hungry but you’re so lazy to go get your meal. And once you’re done eating, you totally hate the fact that you need to get up and keep your plate back in the kitchen.

10. You’d Choose Sleep Over Everything

The only thing keeping you alive all day is the thought of going home and crashing. You’d prioritize that over anything else. Sleep always comes first.

Totally feeling these points? If you do, chances are you’re as lazy as lazy gets. And hey, it’s who you are, so you shall wear it like a badge of honour.

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