Akshay Kumar starrer, Kesari was being shot in the Wai district of Maharshtra and it was going quite well until a fire broke on the sets and destroyed most of it. The film’s spokesperson told us that the shoot had reached its final leg and with only a few climax scenes left to be shot. Apparently, the film features battle scenes and a few of them included bomb explosions and it was a mistimed explosion that caused the fire.

The source told DNA:

Though, the explosion was a massive one, not a single person from the crew was injured.

The film’s lead pair were both not on set while the incident took place. Akshay had already left for Mumbai after the shoot and Parineeti Chopra has been spending time in Australia for the last few days. The crew, however, was still present at the location when it happened but luckily no one from the team was hurt or suffered any injuries.

The set of the period film is now in ruins and has put a stop on the scheduled timeline.

We’re just glad to hear that everyone on the unit was safe!