While the #MeToo movement gained global momentum with the support of Hollywood, Bollywood still seems far behind. Recently while speaking to the media, renowned choreographer Saroj Khan brushed off casting couch as an ‘age-old’ practice.

This has been happening since forever. Every girl has been in a situation where people try to take advantage of her. Even Government people do this. Why are you behind the film industry? Atleast it gives you work and doesn’t rape you and abandon you.

In a matter of 24 hours, the choreographer told a leading TV channel that she was sorry and apologized for the statement she made. But it came after celebrities and the internet alike expressed their shock over her statements.

More recently, Richa Chadha came out in support of the director.

I think people are making a mountain of a molehill. There’s a narrative that people in Bollywood are the worst and indulge in malpractices which isn’t the case. She meant to say it takes place in all industries, why is Bollywood being singled out?

And of course, Twitter wasn’t happy with Richa and called her a hypocrite.

In the light of recent events, such careless statements thrown in the air are callous from someone who is so revered in the industry.