At some point in our life, we’ve all had an awkward encounter with something or someone. While some have an awkward situation every now and then, others have it almost every day. An awkward situation might be uncomfortable but you can’t deny, it makes for a pretty good laugh later on. Here are some of the most awkward situations that you’ve probably come across, at some point or the other.

1. When Your Mother-In-Law Takes You Shopping

Shopping with the MIL is always a tricky situation. You can’t really say no to something especially if she’s bought it for you. The only way out from this situation is to smile and accept it graciously.

2. Asking Your Boss For A Raise

No matter how many times you’ve done this before, it’s always an awkward topic to bring up. It’s even more awkward when the discussion begins because you literally need to plead your case. How much is too much?

3. A Hug Or A Handshake

Most of us have been in the situation of not knowing whether to hug the person we’re meeting or just give a handshake. What you’re left with is an awkward in-between that looks really spazzy.

4. Paying The Bill On The First Date

First dates can be either really good or really bad. There is never an in-between! At the end of the night, when it comes time to pay the bill, the whole dance to figure out who’s paying is always awkward.

5. First Day At Work

New faces, new environment and new responsibilities. TBH, it’s more like the first week or even month at work, is awkward AF. It takes time getting used to everyone and to find your work people.

6. Talking About Someone You Don’t Like And They Walk In

To say you’ve never b**ched out a person you don’t like, behind their back, would be a complete lie. That being said, almost everyone has gone through “talk about the devil” kinda situation.

7. Texting The Wrong Person

Pretty sure we’ve all texted the wrong person at least once in our life. It gets a whole lot awkward when you accidentally send the person a screenshot of the same conversation, they had with you.

8. Forgetting A Friends Birthday

Ever called up a friend to generally check how they’re doing, without realising it’s actually their birthday? It gets really awkward when they actually end up calling you for their party and you go; ‘oh, what for? Is it your birthday? Hahaha….’ and then they say yes.

9. Speaking To Someone And Not Knowing Who They Are

Is it deja vu, or do I really not remember you? We’ve all had these long conversations with people without knowing who the hell they are. You mostly have the conversation because you’re guilty about the fact that you forgot who they are.

10. Zoning Out Only To Realise You Were Staring At Someone

Zoning out or daydreaming is actually pretty dangerous. Especially if you end up staring at someone without realising it.

What is the most awkward situation you’ve had? Let us know in the comments below.

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