7 Struggles Only Left-Handed People Will Relate To

7 Struggles Only Left-Handed People Will Relate To

Karishma Govil

Left-handed people are just the best, right? You’d agree if you are indeed left-handed. They’re considered to be intelligent and extremely creative. Did you know they’re so unique that only 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed? Hence, people react differently when they hear you’re a leftie. Today, we’ve got you things you can only relate to if you’re left-handed. Here they are:

1. Scissors Are A Nightmare

Scissors are definitely an enemy. You can never use them properly because most scissors are made for the 90% of people who aren’t lefties.

2. People Freaking Out After Knowing

When you start writing with your left hand, people will ask you the most obvious question ever: ‘Are you a leftie?’ Isn’t that super annoying?

3. Learning To Play A Guitar

Most guitars are right-handed. Which means if you’re a left-handed person, you need a special left-handed guitar. And even if you do manage to buy one for the love of music, your teacher is awkwardly trying to teach you to play because of course, he’s right-handed.

4. Writing With A Pencil

Try writing with a pencil for a while and then see the left side of your hand. Your hand would look like the Silver Surfer from The Fantastic Four because of your left hand rubbing the page while you write. And God forbid your pen leaks while writing. Think of the tragedy!

5. Holding A Mug

All those darn mugs are right-handed. So all the fun creatives and design is on the other side when you drink. And hence, drinking your morning coffee is already such a challenge every day. Eventually, it grows on you and you stop caring after a while.

6. Sitting On The Left Always

Imagine eating your lunch with your colleagues or friends. But you’re sitting on the right. Your elbows would keep bumping the other person. So, for every lunch or dinner, you’re always sitting in the left corner of the table like you’re punished. You might as well sit alone.

7. Dance Moves

If you’re learning a new dance form, you’ll notice that most steps start from the right, and most steps are designed in such a way, that it’s super easy for right-handed people to learn them. The lefties are just struggling at this point.

If you’re a left-handed person, we totally understand the daily struggles you face. But never forget how unique you really are!

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