Who doesn’t like to party? Because of the music, the food and the alcohol of course. But not everyone is the same. While people may be civil when they’re sober, not many are the same after the alcohol kicks in. Here are some of the different types of drinkers you may have come across at some point. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. The Bottomless Pit

This one could keep drinking, shot after shot. And nothing would happen to them. It’s sad, really. Because they spend the most amount of money on drinks and yet not get drunk.

2. The Light-Weight

The cheap drunk. This person will get drunk in literally 3 sips. They’d be swaying and getting a ‘headache’ in less than a minute. Man, the bottomless pit is angry at this point.

3. The Pretentious One

This one who drinks only ‘expensive’ bottles of alcohol. They don’t believe in domestic alcohol. We’re all rolling our eyes at this point.

4. The Sleeping Beauty

This one drinks two shots back-to-back and instantly passes out. All they can see is their bed calling out to them.

5. The Dancer

They love to dance after a few drinks. And they’re not as good as they think they are.

Pro tip: record them when they’re drunk and show it to them the next day. That ought to embarrass them.

6. The One Who Never Wants To Go Home

They’ve got the fear of going home. However late it may be, they just refuse to go home. Because it’s not a party till you get out in broad daylight.

7. The Responsible Drinker

This person is the mature and responsible one. They only drink the perfect amount. Enough to get high, and not too much to get drunk. They’re the ones to look up to. The ones to learn from if you will.

8. The Chugger

They don’t believe in sipping on a drink like a civil person. They like to chug only. Downing drinks is their jam. They don’t have the patience to wait and get drunk.

9. The Shots King

Only shots, please! The woman or man can only drink shots. Even though everyone’s thinking about getting one, the first shout will be from these guys. Shots, shots, shots!

10. The Devdas

After getting drunk, this person will sit in the corner and sulk. Maybe even cry a little. They’ve been through something devastating lately, and all they do after getting hammered, is frown.

11. The Over-Friendly One

This person is not so friendly when they’re sober. But once they get drunk, they’re a whole new person. They get super friendly and probably will give you a hug, even though they met you for the first time ever.

12. The Foul Mouth

This person gets really abusive once they’re high. They scream, get rowdy and swear. A lot.

13. The Spitter

This person has no control over his saliva. He spits all over the place. All you’re really doing while talking to them is covering your drink while pretending to smile and be friendly to this person.

14. The One Who Lives In Denial

This one will never admit that they’re drunk. The most frustrating one to handle. This person is the one who everyone stays away from because they never want to be the one who takes responsibility of them.

So, while we’ve covered a majority of these, there’s a possibility we may have left some out. If you know about another type of drinker, do tell us in the comments before.

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