Summertime is the best time plan out road trips! You get to go away, to a cooler place preferably and have a good time with friends or family. While the whole airport shuffle is pretty cool too, there is something amazing about a road trip. It’s something you need to experience on your own. While preparing for a road trip though, here are a few essential things you should remember.

1. Plan Out Your Route

Always have a fixed plan in regards to the route you’re taking. Also, it’s a good habit to check if there are things you should know about the route. Things like traffic, safety, etc. are important things to keep a note off. Also, marking pit stops along the way will help ease the burden and keep you fresh especially if it’s a long trip.

2. Don’t Be Reliant On GPS

While most places including the secluded parts have a network, it’s better to not blindly trust the GPS. In case you don’t have any network, stop and ask someone. While getting lost could be an adventure on its own, straying too far might put a dent in your plans

3. Take Breaks And Have A Backup Driver

Whether you’re on a bike or in a car, it’s always advisable to travel with someone who can drive or ride. It’s physically exhausting to drive or ride the whole way so it’s nice to have someone you can tag out with. This will ensure safety as well and will save you the horrible body ache you might get.

4. Maintenance Of The Vehicle

While it’s fun to have spontaneous road trips, spend an extra hour or so making sure your vehicle is in good shape. The tyres, battery, electronics, breaks, etc. are all important things to keep a check on. The last thing you want is a breakdown in the middle of the road and having to find someone to fix it.

5. Pack Smart

While you may have more space in a car, it’s still advisable to pack smart. Don’t over pack and keep it to essentials. If you’re on the bike, always remember to carry an extra jacket because you never know when the weather can change.

6. Snacks And Other Basic Essentials

Always carry snacks when you’re on a road trip. In the event that you don’t come across any place to eat, it is essential to keep your tummy happy. Other basic essentials like extra water and also a first-aid kit are important to carry along.

7. Try Not To Adventure Into Unknown Territory

While it’s fun to venture off the beaten path, it can also be dangerous. Stick to the road as much as possible and avoid taking unnecessary detours unless it’s absolutely essential.

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