10 Ridiculous Things That Are Also Annoying AF

Atmaj Vyas , 02 May 2018

Life is filled with situations! Some fun, some sad and some, plain annoying. Most of us try to get through our day with a smile and try our best to avoid situations that will piss us off. However, sometimes, crazy s**t is just meant to be. Here are some of the most ridiculous-yet-annoying situations that will always grind your gears.

1. People Who Walk Slowly In Front Of You

There is nothing more annoying than getting stuck behind someone who is jaywalking. It’s all the more annoying when you’re in a hurry or you have a habit of walking fast.

2. When Your Wifi Stops Working

We’re an online generation. So, if you take away the thing that lets us be online, we’re screwed. Most of us have no idea what to do when the net is down.

3. When You Have Bad Network

When it’s not your wifi acting up, the next worst thing is losing your network. A strange sense of panic takes over people the second they lose their network. It’s as if they are lost in a prehistoric time.

4. When You Realise You’ve Got A Bad Haircut

Getting a haircut can be a pretty emotional time. We’re not exaggerating! When people get a bad haircut, the look of devastation and anger is more than apparent on their face. Try telling someone they have a bad haircut and see their reaction.

5. When Your Charger Pin Breaks

Considering how much time we spend charging our phones and how important our phones are, it’s safe to assume that when your charger breaks, you’re going to be quite pissed.

6. When You Get Pooped On By A Bird

Sure it’s supposed to be good luck and all, but there is nothing fun about getting pooped on by a bird. Funny enough, the chances that you’re going to get pooped on by a bird are higher when you’re having a bad day. Don’t ask how that logic works, it just does.

7. Someone Eating Your Food Without Asking

While some people don’t really mind someone digging into their food, others go bat s**t crazy. It’s good manners to ask someone before you start digging into their meal. So ask! Or, prepare to be smacked.

8. Dealing With Someone With A Bad Attitude

People with a bad attitude are the worst to deal with. Not only do they bring a negative energy, they can turn an otherwise good day on its head and put you in a bad mood instantly.

9. When Your Computer Crashes

All of us have been in the situation where our computer crashed without warning or us backing it up. So you know and can relate to why this is one of the worst feelings ever.

10. Advertisements In The Middle Of Your Show

Almost everything has an add now. Watching a cute video of a cat playing with yarn? Boom! Take an advertisement for an insurance you definitely don’t need. The worst part is that some platforms make you pay for not being interrupted by ads.

What is the most annoying situation you’ve been in? Let us know in the comments below.

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