7 Unique-Yet-Strange Jobs That Actually Exist

Atmaj Vyas , 02 May 2018

Gone are the days when people there were just a few jobs to choose from. With the new things and lifestyle choices, there is a surge for some of the most random jobs. These would be considered weird by most yet, they are a legitimate career choice. Not only are some of these a dream job, they also pay a helluva lot of money for it! Here are a few of these jobs.

1. Professional Cuddler

This is actually a job that originated in Japan. Since then, it’s become popular all over the world. So, if you love snuggling and you’re good at it, share your gift with the world! It may sound funny but just do a quick search for professional cuddlers and you’ll be surprised.

2. Waterslide Tester

Before a waterpark opens up to the public, they have to go through a bunch of tests to prove they are safe. This is where a waterslide tester comes in. This is a high paying job but it’s also very likely that you may break a few bones in the process. Then again, you get to travel the world and test out water slides.

3. Professional Sleeper

Love sleeping? Well, scientists hire people to sleep so that they can test various sleeping patterns and disorders. This is probably the comfiest job in the world if you don’t mind a bunch of people staring at you while you sleep.

4. Professional Bridesmaid

Getting married can be quite the task. Often times it’s the responsibility of the bridesmaid to take care of everything going on. For someone who’s doing it for the first time, it can be quite the challenge. So why not hire someone who has done it a few times? Many brides actually like to hire a professional because it helps ease the stress.

5. Fortune Cookie Writer

Yes! It’s actually a thing. There are places that hire writers just for their fortune cookies. This is mostly so that the cookies appear authentic. That being said, you might want to call in sick if you’re having a bad day or something. You wouldn’t want to destroy someone’s life with a bad fortune.

6. Live Mannequin

Using live mannequins is actually a catchy form of advertising. Unlike the boring and conventional mannequins, the live ones add character to the store window or wherever they are placed. It’s mostly a retail tactic and has now been adopted by many other businesses.

7. Bed Tester

Imagine if we told you that you can get paid an insane amount of money simply by testing different beds. Well, what was once a dream is now a reality. Bed and mattress companies hire professionals to try out their new products before they go on sale.

What is the weirdest job you’ve heard about? Let us know in the comments below.

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